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Kevin Page is a businessman and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience building and exiting innovative financial and high-tech companies. He is a well-known character actor (#RoboCop, #Seinfeld, #Wishbone, #Babylon5, #FridayNightLights), author of several books (Advanced Consciousness Training (A.C.T.) for Actors, Psychology for Actors), an entrepreneur and inventor (he holds 4 U.S. patents on a technology for making pointillist oil paintings using robotics), and an Ai artist who has minted and sold over 200 NFTs in the #cryptoart space.

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Kevin Page -- Film and Television Demo Reel

Kevin Page explains his early work as both a classical artist and technologist that integrates technology and traditional oil painting techniques to create completely unique works of 3D Pointillism.

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As an author, Kevin Page has written about subjects as diverse as: acting and acting theories, mindfulness practice and other forms of meditation, the history of 20th Century psychology, and more. Below, you can find previews of his currently available titles.

As a fine artist, he has created over 200 unique works of art both in the physical and digital domains.

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