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Meditation and Health

Learn about the benefits of mindfulness practice and lifelong fitness

Acting and Consciousness

Become a better actor by strengthening your concentration and attentional focus

Kevin Page Interview on "I Was There Too"

Actor/Author/Psychologist Kevin Page talks RoboCop "squibs," Shooting JR Ewing, Jerry Seinfeld's "show about nothing," and Teaching actors to meditate on this podcast with  Matt Gourley. 

dallas morning news exclusive

"My RoboCop" by Kevin Page

Exclusive article penned by actor/author/stuntman, Kevin Page, for the 30th anniversary of the film classic, ROBOCOP, published by the Dallas Morning News.

The infamous "Mr. Kinney Scene" from robocop

Articles and postings

Psychological Revolutionaries

In this linkedIN exclusive series of articles, I tell the often little-known or forgotten stories of some of the pioneering figures of modern psychology and how their work changed our world and how we see each other.

Anthony Sutich: the Stephen Hawking of Psychology

Read the incredible story of Anthony "Tony" Sutich, who founded two of the major schools of psychology of the 20th Century from his hospital gurney.

Another article from the LinkedIN series "Psychological Revolutionaries."

RoboCop Turns 30

Here is an article published by the Dallas Observer about my first film, RoboCop (1987). It's got some great vintage photos and an interview with me!

Kevin Page in RoboCop!

The Hollywood Reporter publishes a major feature on Kevin Page's work in the seminal movie classic: RoboCop! Learn the story of one of the greatest "squib" scenes ever filmed!

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