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I am a creative entrepreneur...

My name is Kevin Page and I have combined two decades worth of business experience with another decade as an artist and filmmaker and a couple of years fully embedded in the open source Ai art community to create a set of custom Ai business development strategies for small and medium-sized businesses that can be implemented today.  This meta-planning infrastructure allows us to generate detailed and unique Ai business plans for start-ups and in-house corporate venturing at a speed that would be impossible without actual field experience and using Ai in the planning process.

As an artist myself, I have sold over 200 NFTs since early 2021. I founded the Annual Ai-NFT Film Festival and Awards Show (Sponsored by known Origin) as well as the Twitter Spaces show "Ai-NFT Consortium." I also serve as the Ai Art & Film Ambassador for the Known Origin (eBay) NFT Marketplace.

I have been a founder and investor in two financial services companies and currently serve as CEO of Ai Cinematics, a full-service Ai film production company with three short films competing in the 2022/23 international film festival circuit.

As a performing artist, I have worked in films, television and on the stage. I have been featured or starred in films such as ROBOCOP, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and THE ALAMO (2004), and TV series like: SEINFELD, DALLAS, BABYLON 5, WISHBONE and most recently, THE SON (co-starring opposite Pierce Brosnan). You can find my film and TV credits here:

I am also the author of four nonfiction books, three of which were published by global powerhouse Taylor & Francis (Routledge Press).

I gave a solo talk at NFT-NYC 2022 entitled, "Ai Filmmaking in NFT Space."

Finally, I have formed a new firm, Ai Arts and Media Consulting Group, to advise small businesses and start-ups on strategic Ai planning in the media, communications, advertising and entertainment spaces.

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Currently Available Books

Kevin Page has written several books on acting and meditation, all available now from Routledge Press wherever fine books are sold. Click below to get a preview of available titles and stay informed on new releases!