Kevin Page — NFT Artist/Collector

I use a combination of technology and classic painting techniques to create my totally unique paintings and NFTs.

My work as an artist focuses on exploring (and expanding) the various levels and types of consciousness available to the human being. I am a long-time student of meditation and other altered states of consciousness as developmental tools as well as lenses for expressing art to others. Sometimes I am expressing what I perceive as great beauty, and sometimes I explore pain and/or loss and/or alienation. All perspectives are valuable, in this great stew of humanity, even if some of them are only partially or incrementally correct: let’s explore it all!  Regardless of the subject matter, I am reaching out to you, the viewer/co-creator of meaning in this moment, so that together we can feel our way to the future.

To the moon!

"Woman Made of Planets"

Part of the Ai Cinematics Series on @KnownOrigin_io...

“Ai Apocalypse”

An animated Ai-NFT micro-film (work-in-progress).