Kevin Page — 3D Pointillism

Artist Kevin Page poses with his pointillist oil painting “Sunday Afternoon” (96×72 inches). An homage to the great pointillist painter Georges Seurat.

I use a combination of technology and classic painting techniques to create my totally unique paintings and NFTs. Below are a few examples of what you can expect when Kevin Page 3D Gallery relaunches this summer. I hope you will enjoy!

My work as an artist focuses around the idea that our postmodern world is fragmented into myriad perspectives (and often contradictory ones!) and that my work both reflects and deconstructs that reality in both concept and physical material execution. Some of my larger paintings are made up of more than half-a-million tiny, tightly-pack daubs (or “dots”) of intensely colored paint, that resolve into one image at a distance, but then deconstruct themselves into an abstract field of color when you approach the work closely. This fragmentation of the image, along multiple dimensions, is both a reflection of and a comment on our ever shattering reality.

UTA by Kevin Page

UTA (48×60 inches): An original pointillist painting by Kevin Page

“Flower with Girl” (72×96 inches) is a 2012 pointillist painting by artist, Kevin Page (seen here in a photograph featured in the Dallas Morning News Arts Section profile of the artist in 2013)

Pointillist landscape from Brazos County Texas: “Weretree” (24×36 inches).

Dallas Skyline in Black and White (48×36 inches).

“Girl Under Light Walking” (48×72 inches). A pointillist oil painting based on an image from the 2011 Paris Fashion Week.

Manet’s Barmaid: A pointillist study in oil (12×18 inches).

“Rodeo” (36×48 inches). An original pointillist painting based on a photo-study of the Mesquite Texas Rodeo in 2011.

“Angry Bird” (24×24 inches). Pointillist oil on panel based on an original photographic wildlife study.

“Heads Under Light” (60×48 inches). A pointillist oil on canvas painting.